On the last day of the design lab, participants are typically exhausted, but deeply enthusiastic. In almost every design lab I have run, participants who disagreed vehemently and even did not like one another have established strong and lasting relationships. This process is truly phenomenal, not only in its ability to drive a unified solution, but also to build teamwork in a way that traditional teamwork exercises never could!

On the last day of the design lab, the team identifies specific next steps. Your goal is to define how the cross-functional team will work together to get others--especially senior executives and some of the more difficult stakeholders--excited about your direction, and about the resulting solution.

During this day, you need to engage in several activities:

  • Ensure that everybody agrees that the team has solved a sufficient number of issues, and identify a realistic timeframe for implementing the solutions, so you can show a recommended roadmap
  • Identify who will digitize the paper prototypes you generated
  • Define who will create a clickable prototype to show to executives
  • Choose who will craft the presentation to show to executives, which includes pictures and a description of the event, along with positive quotes from different cross-functional stakeholders from the design lab.
  • Define a set of presenters. Typically, the person who led and facilitated the design lab should kick it off, but it is essential that a user representative present the solution, so senior leaders see that customers have in fact bought off on and are excited about the direction.