Once you've conducted a successful design lab, take the momentum you've created to brand your workshops. Many design firms and companies have branded their own form of design lab. For example:

  • Yahoo calls theirs Yahoo Design Labs, or YoDeLs for short
  • MindJet calls theirs MindJet Design Labs
  • Sapient Corporation calls (or at least used to call) theirs Fusion workshops
  • IDEO calls theirs Deep Dive workshops

And yet others have branded their own version of design lab workshops intended to bring the right people together, brainstorm and refine their ideas, design a new product or service, and get that idea to market.

Capitalize on the presentation you generated and presented to executives as the followup to your workshop. Come up with a brand name that makes your idea sticky. Consider also creating an exciting video capturing members of the executive and stakeholder teams talking about how awesome your design labs are. You can then show these videos at all-hands meetings, and even conferences, like SXSW!