What's Your Big Idea?

Ever had a big idea that got crushed? If you work in a corporation and you’re at all creative or inspired, you’ve gotten push-back. In the real world, coming up with a breakthrough idea doesn’t mean it will get to market. By nature, innovative ideas are different and represent new ways of thinking. Getting stakeholders to recognize the value of these market-shaking ideas, buy into and support them, and agree to build them, requires a new kind of design skill: facilitation.

By leading design labs, you not only bring User Experience to the strategy table, but you invent a new table at which strategic ideation and dialog constructively takes place. Design labs enable you to get the best and brightest people in the room to generate game-changing new ideas, and then get stakeholders aligned around your big idea. Once they’re invested in your ideas, you’re not the only person trying to drive the innovation to market. And guess what? You're more likely to be successful!